Braces for kids

At Svět rovnátek we are focused on using state of the art technology. We are proud to say we are the first orthodontist clinic in Czech Republic to work with the system Invisalign for kids. You won’t find us using any old methods anymore.

But how does this system for kids really work? Before beginning the treatment we will send your digital scan over too Invisalign. Our doctors will then plan your treatment in a specialised software. After this, a series of clear plastic aligners will be custom made for you using 3D printing technology. This treatment serves as a pre treatment for Invisalign teen. Historically a removable appliance was used to help guide the preparation for braces. unfortunately this system was not successful.

With invisalign braces treatment is panned digitally, this makes it much more accurate. we know ahead what movement we are capable to archive and most importantly view how the treatment can compliment facial features years ahead. Furthermore the treatment is prepared to be continued in Invisalign teen.


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Removable braces

Treatment in Both Arches: 59 990 Kč
Treatment in one Jaw: 56 990 Kč

Invisalign teen treatment, the next step: 73 000 Kč

Prices are set as complete treatments including retention (removable retainer after treatment). You will not find any hidden fees with us. Orthodontic treatment is possible to pay in three stages.