Lingual braces

While you will be charming your surroundings with your beautiful smile, nobody will notice that you are actually wearing braces. In our office we use Incognito invisible lingual braces, which are glued to the teeth from the inside. It is the absolutely most discrete form of orthodontics. The Incognito system is suitable for treating almost all orthodontics problems.



Incognito hidden braces

Treatment in one jaw: 80 000 CZK
Treatment in two jaws: 140 000 CZK

The price provided is for the whole treatment including retention (removable retainer after the treatment), you will not find any hidden costs in our clinic. It is possible to pay the treatment in three installments during its course.

It is also possible to pay the treatment in small monthly fees, we are happy to arrange a loan at favorable conditions with our partner J&T Leasing bank directly in our office.

Monthly payment in one jaw: from 2 000 CZK
Monthly payment in two jaws: from 3 480 CZK