Invisible braces

Technology makes our daily lives easier and it is no different in orthodontics. Invisalign braces are practically invisible and very comfortable. There is no problem to take them out before an important meeting, before a meal or in any situation you need. Unlike classical braces, Invisalign invisible braces do not prevent you from eating or drinking things you enjoy – simply take them out and eat and drink as you wish. Similarly, brushing your teeth couldn’t be easier.

But how does it really work? Before beginning the treatment we will send your digital scan to Invisalign. Our doctors will then plan your treatment in a specialized software. After this, a series of clear plastic aligners will be custom made for you using 3D printing technology. You will be changing the aligners every 7 to 14 days and visit our office roughly once every three months to check if everything is going as planned and to your satisfaction. Invisalign are simply the only invisible and comfortable braces.

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Invisalign invisible braces

Treatment of two jaws: 76 990 CZK

The price provided is for the whole treatment including retention (removable retainer after the treatment), you will not find any hidden costs in our clinic. It is possible to pay the treatment in three installments during its course.

It is also possible to pay the treatment in small monthly fees, we are happy to arrange a loan at favorable conditions with our partner J&T Leasing directly in our office.

Monthly payment in two jaws: from 1 850 CZK